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The Who UK Perform Tommy The Musical

Sunday 22 May 2022

This production of The Who’s Tommy Live presents a stimulating performance that is timeless in its youthful concept, giving the show an appeal that goes through generations, reason thatmade it a great success worldwide. Directed by respected director Alan Veste, this show features a powerful rock band, comprised of eight world-renowned musicians, which allows the audience to capture all the excitement and experience of the Tommy album live.

The show features his entire cast: Uncle Ernie (Howard Minns), Cousin Kevin (Stuart Raphel), The Shepherd (Terry O’Shea), Acid Queen (Joanna Male), The Stepfather, Frank Hobbs Mark Lacey), Mother, Nora Walker (Joanna Male), Nurse (Roxanne Male) and young Tommy (Sam Darker).

The event promises several surprises, the first half of the concert being based on the legendary The Who concert held in 1989, featuring the complete work of Who’s Tommy Live featuring vocalists and special guests. After a break, the second half of the show turns into a rock performance with songs from Lifehouse Chronicles. This was an

unfinished rock opera by Pete Townshend which later became the album “Who’s Next” including hits like “Behind Blue Eyes”, “Baba O’Riley”, “Song is Over” and “Will not Get Fooled Again” .

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